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    The Hall Genealogy Website
    Updated Sat, 21-Jul-2018

    The FreeBMD Project
    This is a Genealogy site, linked to www.genealogy.org
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    The Flag of St George & England
    Rodney MH HALL

    Rose of England and Lancashire

    Hall Genealogy
    Flag of England &
    St. George
    Rose of England & Lancashire

    Rodney MH HALL

    This site was originally developed for researching our own family lines. However, it has grown over the years and is now dedicated to all those family researchers who have contributed to our own research and to whom we feel indebted. The name, therefore, has now been changed to "The Hall Genealogy Website".

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    If you do not, you will be referred to our SiteMap for navigation

    There are links to other HALL sites on the Links Page

    This site is hosted in England and the majority of information is related to researching within the United Kingdom and more specifically, within the island of Great Britain. In addition, as there are so many researchers involved with families in Australia, Ireland, Canada and now India, we have included pages for them. Any input you may have will be gratefully accepted.

    There are a number of useful documents and pictures you can download straight from this site and many links to other useful genealogy sites which are well worth looking at and book-marking. There is also a comprehensive Old Occupations Index and a slight Maritime bias, as Rodney is a retired ship Captain!

    You will find useful related applications to download direct, or from linked sites, on other pages. There are also pages on Archaic Medical Terms, Latin Translation and Items of Historical and Maritime interest.
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